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Services and Activities

El Farida strives to give the horses the best care possible.

El Farida stud consist of 3 large farms, all focusing on different aspects of the breeding progress. All horses are stabled in newly build stable complexes consisting of 80 stables, and has several large paddocks for the horses.
All stables are equipped with fan, and fly-control to ensure the horses maximum comfort. Of course all horses are getting sufficient leisure time in the paddocks.

To keep the horses in top form, well educated grooms are taking daily care of the horses and build a personal bond with the horse. International professional trainers train the horses daily as well under the saddle, on the lunge, in hand, walker, or in our (to be completed) state of the art equine swimming pool. This variation of exercise keeps the horses fit, happy and eager to work.
With growing our own grasses, and producing our own 'El Farida' pellets, feeding our horses sufficient roughage and distributing individual portions of concentrates, we ensure our horses being and staying as healthy as possible.

With our onside clinic we can provide in state of the art embryo transfer, and can professionally transport frozen semen. Also all veterinarian procedures from the insemination, until foaling are done in our clinic, by our well experienced veterinarian.